Goobit sells Nova Exchange for bitcoin


In a strategic move to strengthen its position as a dedicated bitcoin exchange, Goobit Group AB has announced the sale of Nova Exchange assets. These assets, held by its subsidiary, Goobit Exchange AB, have been sold for a sum of approximately 74,000,000 Sats* valued at US $20,000.

Goobit acquired Nova Exchange, a crypto-to-crypto altcoin platform, in 2018. It has played an integral role in the Goobit ecosystem, serving a broad range of digital currencies to our global customer base. However, in alignment with Goobit's strategic focus on Bitcoin-centric services, the Group has made the decision to sell Nova Exchange assets.

"While Nova Exchange has been a valuable part of our portfolio, we believe that focusing our resources on our flagship BTCX product and AML Desk product will help us serve our customers better," says Christian Ander, CEO and founder of Goobit Group. "We have always been passionate about bitcoin and believe that by specializing in this area, we will be better positioned to fulfill our mission of making biitcoin more accessible to all."

The decision to sell Nova Exchange's assets is a natural step in Goobit's growth strategy, but also to reduce administrative overhead, leading to reduced costs for the company. The sale also opens new opportunities for Goobit to strengthen its product offerings, specifically BTCX, one of Europe's oldest and most trusted Bitcoin exchanges, and the AML Desk, a leading tool for Anti-Money Laundering compliance in the crypto industry.

The future of Nova Exchange, following the asset sale, is still to be determined. There are possibilities for the platform to relaunch under new ownership or even be rebranded under a different name. Regardless of its future course, Goobit Group is confident that the change will lead to a win-win scenario, providing more focused service and products for its customers and potentially giving Nova Exchange a fresh start under new leadership.

*The term "Sats" refers to "Satoshis," constituting the smallest divisible unit of bitcoin, analogous to the relationship of a öre to a krona. In this decimal system, 1 bitcoin is equivalent to 100,000,000 Satoshis. Such a denomination offers ease of transaction in smaller bitcoin amounts, much like one would opt to use 50 öre instead of 0.5 krona. For example, in a recent transaction, Goobit exchanged the Nova Exchange assets for an approximation of 74 million Satoshis, which is 0.74 bitcoin.

For further information, please contact:
Christian Ander, VD, Goobit Group AB

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Eminova Fondkommission AB | 08-684 211 10 |

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