Goobit Group to appeal the SFSA’s decision


Goobit Group (‘Goobit’) has decided to appeal the penalty fee of 2 MSEK imposed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority ('SFSA'). This action follows the recently concluded investigation of Goobit’s subsidiary, Goobit AB

"We acknowledge the SFSA's findings and appreciate the crucial role they played in helping us develop a stronger and more robust compliance and AML organization. It's important to note that we promptly rectified the found deficiencies. However, we believe that the penalty is harsh and therefore should be tried by a court, hence our decision to appeal” says Christian Ander, CEO and founder of Goobit Group.

The decision to appeal is part of our ongoing commitment to engage openly and constructively with regulatory bodies. This move is in line with Goobit’s determination to shape a regulatory-compliant crypto-asset industry, fostering trust and security for all market participants.

As we continue to work closely with the SFSA and other stakeholders, Goobit remains steadfast in its commitment to uphold the highest standards within the crypto-asset industry.

"Our appeal represents an important step in our journey. It underscores our dedication to create a balanced and fair industry” adds Christian Ander.

For further information, please contact:
Christian Ander, CEO, Goobit Group AB

Certified Adviser:
Eminova Fondkommission AB | 08-684 211 10 |

About BTCX / Goobit Group
Goobit AB was registered in 2012, is one of the world's first, and Sweden's leading crypto exchange companies. The company offers exchange services from SEK and EUR to the virtual currency’s Bitcoin and Ether, and has so far exchanged over 2.0 billion SEK. The company's best-known brands are BTCX Express and Standard BTCX. In addition to exchange, the company also offers services in anti-money laundering (AML), through AML Desk, and compliance for virtual currencies and digital assets. Goobit Group AB (publ) was registered in 2013 and includes the fully owned subsidiaries Goobit AB, Goobit Blocktech AB and Goobit Exchange AB. Goobit AB services are aimed at private individuals, corporate customers and financial institutions.

For more information, see Goobit's website

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