Communiqué from Goobit Group AB's Annual General Meeting


Goobit Group AB (publ), 556952-8671, conducted its annual general meeting on October 17, 2023, at Järntorgsgatan 6 in Stockholm. All decisions were made in accordance with the proposals presented in the notice. In summary, among other things, the following was decided:

Approval of the accounts, allocation of profits and discharge from liability
The Annual General Meeting resolved to adopt the income statement and balance sheet as set out in the annual report for the period May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2023.

The Annual General Meeting resolved, in accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors and the auditor's recommendation, that no dividend will be paid for 2022/2023 and that the disposable profits available to the Annual General Meeting will be carried forward to the new accounting year.

The board of directors and the CEO were granted discharge from liability for the fiscal year 2022/2023, in accordance with the auditor's recommendation.

Board of Directors and Auditor
The Annual General Meeting decided that the board will consist of four ordinary members without deputies. Michael Völter was re-elected as chairman. Christian Ander and Carl-Viggo Östlund were re-elected as board members. Jan Tibbling was newly elected as a board member. The board fee shall be SEK 200,000 for members who do not receive a salary from the company and SEK 400,000 for the chairman and for the member who is money laundering reporting officer (MLRO).

The company's auditor was re-elected as the audit firm WeAudit Sweden AB until the end of the next annual general meeting. Fees to the company's auditor shall be paid according to approved invoice.

Principles for the appointment of the members of the Nomination Committee
The Annual General Meeting resolved, in accordance with the Board's proposal, that the Nomination Committee for the 2024 Annual General Meeting will consist of members appointed by the three largest shareholders as of March 30, 2024, as registered in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden, and the Chairman of the Board. If the Chairman of the Board is one of the three largest shareholders as mentioned above, then the fourth largest shareholder should also be included in the Nomination Committee, so that the Nomination Committee consists of four members. The Chairman of the Board shall also convene the first meeting of the Nomination Committee.

New share issue with preferential rights for existing shareholders
The Annual General Meeting resolved, in accordance with the Board's proposal, to increase the company's share capital by a maximum of SEK 1,409,212.790000 through a new share issue of a maximum of 140,921,279 shares.

Authorization for the Board to issue new shares, subscription warrants and/or convertibles
The Annual General Meeting resolved, in accordance with the Board's proposal, to authorize the board to, until the next Annual General Meeting, on one or more occasions and with or without deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights, decide on the issue of shares, warrants, and/or convertibles.

Documents and audit report are available on the company's website,

Proposals regarding the decisions of the company's general meeting as mentioned above are available in the notice which can be found on the website

This document is a translation of the corresponding Swedish document. In the event of any discrepancies between the text contained in this document and the Swedish document, the latter shall prevail.

For further information, please contact:
Christian Ander, CEO, Goobit Group AB

Certified Adviser:
Eminova Fondkommission AB | 08-684 211 10 |

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Goobit AB launched the world's first still operating bitcoin exchange BTCX in 2012. Goobit is Sweden's leading bitcoin company in financial services and education. The company offers exchange services from fiat currencies to bitcoin and has so far exchanged over 2.0 billion SEK. The company's best-known brands are BTCX Express and Standard Bitcoin Exchange (BTCX). In addition to exchange, the company also offers services in anti-money laundering (AML), through AML Desk, and compliance for virtual currencies and digital assets. Goobit Group AB (publ) was registered in 2013 and includes the fully owned subsidiaries Goobit AB, Goobit Blocktech AB and Goobit Exchange AB. Goobit AB services are aimed at private individuals, corporate customers and financial institutions.

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