After successful test phase, Goobit takes the next step in the implementation of direct bank payments


The first test phase of Goobit's new direct bank payment solution has been successfully completed and is now being offered to more customers. The goal is to offer all customers direct bank payments.

Goobit Group AB's (publ) subsidiary, Goobit AB, entered into a strategically important collaboration with Bank Frick in July 2022. The bank was founded in 1998 in Liechtenstein and already established banking services within blockchain in 2018. The purpose of the collaboration was, among other things, to be able to establish new payment solutions in addition to Goobits current payment options consisting of Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as VISA and Mastercard. Together with a partner in Open Banking, Goobit has developed a technical solution for direct bank payments that is linked to Bank Frick. The company has now completed a first test phase which turned out well and is progressing by offering the payment method to a larger customer group. Through direct bank payments, Goobit will be able to offer a higher level of service to its customers with simpler and faster payments and in the long run reach out to more and larger markets.

We are approaching the goal with our plan to offer smooth direct bank payments to our customers. This is a desirable addition to our current payment options and will also result in an increased gross margin for the exchange business. The expansion means that a selection of our customers are offered the opportunity to make direct bank payments with the company's new solution”, says Christian Ander, CEO and founder of Goobit Group.

For further information, please contact:
Christian Ander, VD, Goobit Group AB

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Eminova Fondkommission AB | 08-684 211 10 |

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